What is Vegas, Baby! ? Click on the image at left to learn all about this e-book. What's special about its technology? Why is it better than its competition? What role did I play in developing it?
To the left is a shot of the download page for Vegas, Baby! You can click it to go to the official download page, or if it is not responding, you can still download the book here. You'll need a Windows 98/NT/2000 PC with Internet Explorer 4 or better, 3 Mb free hard disk space, and Macromedia Flash. Vegas, Baby! is a single executable file; no installer is required.
After an animated introduction, you'll arrive at the opening page of Vegas, Baby! in which you can choose one of four characters to play. Each character has a different experience in Vegas, and some intertwine with others' experiences. In all cases, your decisions will affect the plot that develops. See a closeup.
Here's a page from a chapter of Vegas, Baby! The poker chips are buttons to use for decision making. Click on the image at left for a breakdown of screen functionality.
If you choose a different character to read and play, you'll see a totally different page look. Also, as you progress through that character's experience, you can trace your steps with the interactive history, similar to a browser's history function, in the top of the screen. This functionality was loosely based upon Next's File Viewer. Click the image for more details.
When you stop playing, Vegas, Baby! automatically saves your progress through the book and marks your place. When you crack the book open again, you'll get an opening screen that lets you choose among the main characters again, but also lets you pick up where you last left off. This is not possible in e-books created with other technologies such as Adobe Acrobat.
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